Hi, I’m Joyce Allen.  
I’m a French born textiles designer who studied Textiles Design and Innovation at Loughborough University. 
My dual nationality has provided me with challenges which have pushed me out of my comfort zone and fed straight into my creativity.
Having studied art at my French Baccalaureate, done a foundation year in Textiles design at Loughborough University and short summer courses at Central Saint Martins (London), I kept very personal approaches to my work and developed my skills and professionalism.
During my second year at university, I specialised in Integrated Digital Practice. This meant that I specialised in the use of industrial and digital softwares such as Wilcom for digital embroidery and Adobe softwares such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Those programs enabled me to produce digital embroideries, laser cuting/etching, digital prints and more. I have however always tried to bring hand drawn or physical manipulation into my digital work.
All my work has been imagined and created by giving a great importance to colour and contrasts. This was enabled through contrasts of colour or contrasts in compositions.
During university I used my spare time to intern in different areas of the textiles industry, from fashion print studio (London), to luxurious fabrics for interiors and fashion (Delhi, India), to marketing for a textiles digital printing company (London).
Since graduating from university, I have joined the fashion industry as a print designer for a lifestyle fashion brand.

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